Roadside Assistance

Mitsubishi Motors Roadside Assist provides a comprehensive range of services at no charge. By meeting the requirements of your warranty, your Mitsubishi vehicle comes with complementary roadside assist for up to five years from the day of registration.

Need help?

In the event of a breakdown or lock-out, Mitsubishi Motors Roadside Assist team will provide assistance. To access this service anytime, please call (toll free) 0800 806 661.

What we cover

Flat battery

If your vehicle cannot be jump started and needs a replacement battery, a new one will be provided and installed. Note: Replacement batteries are provided at the owner's expense.

Lost or locked keys

If you’re locked out or you’ve lost your keys, we'll help you get access to the vehicle if possible, or we'll provide transport to the nearest Mitsubishi dealership or place of repair.

Flat tyre

We’ll fit your spare wheel fitted free of charge and refer you to the nearest reliable repairer or supplier.

Out of fuel

We’ll deliver 5 litres of petrol or diesel to you, free of charge.

Minor mechanical or electrical breakdown

If the problem causing immobility is a minor mechanical or electrical breakdown, we’ll attempt an emergency repair at the roadside to get you moving.

If the problem can’t be fixed at the roadside, we’ll arrange for your vehicle to be transported to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer or place of storage. Any additional towing and storage over that is the responsibility of the owner.


If your vehicle is immobilised due to mechanical defect and needs transporting to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer, we’ll provide a taxi ride to the value of $50 incl. GST to help you on your journey. Any amount over this figure is the owner’s responsibility.

Rental vehicle

If you break down more than 100km from home due to a warrantable defect and the repair will take longer than 24 hours, we’ll arrange a rental vehicle for up to three days, to a maximum of $300 incl. GST so you can continue travelling. This option cannot be used in conjunction with the accommodation option.


As an alternative to the rental vehicle option, you can choose 3 night’s accommodation to a value of $350 incl. GST if you break down more than 100km from home due to a warrantable defect and the repair will take longer than 24 hours. This excludes meals and personal expenses and cannot be used in conjunction with the rental vehicle option.

Vehicle repatriation

If you break down more than 100km from home due to a warrantable defect and the repair will exceed 24 hours, your vehicle will be transported to the nearest Mitsubishi dealer or approved repairer. When it’s fixed, we’ll get the vehicle to your nearest servicing dealer, home address or convenient location, whichever is closer.

Accident, theft, vandalism and collision

In the unfortunate event of a collision, we’ll provide assistance and advice. We’ll arrange towing and transportation services if your car is immobilised or unsafe to drive. All towing or transportation services as the result of a collision will be the owner’s responsibility.

Windscreen repair

We’ll refer you to the nearest approved windscreen repair service. The cost of windscreen repair is the owner’s responsibility.

Relaying messages to family, friends or work

If you have a breakdown or a collision, we’ll relay urgent messages to friends, family or business associates free of charge.

Travel delay

If a breakdown or collision delays you, we can co-ordinate and rebook pre-planned travel arrangements, or make alternative arrangements as directed free of charge.

Legal advice

We can offer verbal legal advice on all matters concerning traffic and motor vehicle legislation, as well as the use and ownership of a motor vehicle. This free service is available all day, every day.

Emergency personal assistance

If your credit cards, cheques passport or drivers licence are lost or stolen, we can provide free advice to help you.

Medical referral and advice

If you’re away from home and you need medical assistance, our medical team will give you the appropriate advice and refer you to the nearest medical centre for treatment. Medical fees are the owner’s responsibility.

Travel directions

Everyone gets a little lost now and then. We’ll provide free instructions to help you reach your destination and advise you of any delays via message.

Technical advice

We can provide free technical advice about operating your vehicle, instrument warning indicators, or technical and mechanical information.